Stan still blows smoke

It is no secret that the “much respected” Tobacco Control “expert” Stanton Glantz is to put it bluntly, widely despised by those of us in the vaping community. He hasn’t really got that many friends in the world of science either. Most, if not all of his “papers” have been analysed and pretty much discarded as junk science.  He also doesn’t like us very much, but I couldn’t really give a damn about that.

With the recent campaign against e-cigarettes specifically, our much loved despised trog has proclaimed it “the best thing out there so far”. Seriously Stan, if this is the “best thing out there so far” I really do not want to see what you would call “terrible”. The CDPH campaign is full to the brim of misdirection, misinformation and blatant lies I would be stunned if anyone in California believed it.

Stan believes in this campaign, he wrote on his UCSF blog:



Yeesh, I kind of feel dirty having that up there, but no matter.  You should have seen the ads he mentions, one of them is in my previous post on this particularly distasteful subject.  The printed ads, are a little.. well I’ll let you decide what they are:





There is also a nice handy link to the CDPH Press Kits, just so that folks can stay informed about all the anti-tobacco smoker advertising they are using.  There is also a few bits on electronic cigarettes too.  More of the same bantha poodoo really.

What I’ve found truly astounding, given that Glantz is supposedly intelligent, is that he doesn’t seem to get us as a community.  We are apparently the “e-cig folks”…. yes Stan whatever you say..


Just for the record, we didn’t “respond” with our own website we just happened to put one up at the same time as your buddies in CDHP did. Purely coincidental. (If anyone managed to read that without coughing *bullshit* I’ll be disappointed ;0) )

Now, this blog I’m on is open to the public.  I don’t block anyone from making comments, I may adjust the comment to remove foul language (yes hypocritical of me considering how much is in my actual posts most of the time), or I may un publish the comment if, and only if it is overtly offensive to other commenters.  Stan’s blog is on an Educational Website and is therefore public domain too.  Difference is, he (or likely one of his overpaid flunkies) moderates all comments left, and allows only those that fit particular criteria.


Do they not think, for one second that amongst the global vaping community there are people who work in web design, web hosting who actually have skills in these particular areas in order to put together the website ?  I guess not, they do live in their own self-contained world after all..

What I have found amusing, and a little concerning at the same time is that Stan has posted as a comment the funding breakdown for the campaign along with future activities.


It makes sense that they’d have people watching us, just as we watch them.  We’ve been saying that the CDPH is using $75 Million of taxpayers money to fund their crusade against e-cigs.  Stan has obviously felt the need to defend an entity that he has been “openly critical” of.  What surprises me is his claim for the fiscal year.  Total budget $42 Million.  That is for 2014/15 by the way.  Just a smidge over $11 has been allocated for “media campaign” with $7M being used for the current campaign.  The entire effort costs….. $0

I’m no accountant, but those figures don’t stack up.  How can a major PH department screw up so royally with that kind of budget available?  Of course, those figures may just be Stan blowing smoke up his own ass, but even so it makes a kind of weird sense.

Despite their budget, the campaign (at least on social media and the web in general) has been confounded before it even got started.

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