Still not blowing smoke

The original post for tonight was going to be all about the FDA Deeming and what it means for our US Vaping brethren. That all changed a few moments ago.

Most of you should be aware of the idealistic moronic California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and their declaration that “electronic cigarettes are a public health threat”. If you aren’t, where have you been? Never mind that now, time enough for catch up later.

Disclaimer: I make no apologies for the use of harsh language in this post.

It seems that the CDPH is trying to be ruthless and relentless in its campaign against vaping as a whole. Not just prevention of take up for anyone, oh no. They don’t like it and they want it stopped. Completely.

Well, I got news for you turdburgers. Us vapers, we are here to stay like it or not. But I digress, again.

See, the CDPH decided to try a complete smear campaign similar in style to the San Francisco #curbit campaign. Yeah, don’t try that fellas. It didn’t work the last time and it isn’t going to work this time either.

The hashtag of choice this time was of course “#stillblowingsmoke”, which has now been adopted by us vapers alongside “#notblowingsmoke”. Go on, do a search on Twitter for those two tags. Makes for interesting reading. Even better, a website is up and running to counter the efforts by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Google search rankings for “still blowing smoke” shows the counter site at number 2 in the page rankings.

Completely and utterly de-railed campaign, before it even gets started.

What has really irked me, and several others in the community is the adverts they are using.

Oh yes, they employed KIDS and encouraged them to vape. So, this has utterly pissed off several vapers (myself included) as it is, completely and utterly fucking diabolical that they have been allowed to do this - in the name of Public Health. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people! What makes this video even worse, is the use of “Lollipop”; a song that has forever annoyed the shit out of me.

In what Universe is it deemed to be acceptable to use kids as an advertising tool to try and ostracize a particular group of people?

Tweet image decalring how proud to be part of the campaign

But don’t worry, those involved are proud of the campaign.

Oh yes, this whole campaign comes in to the tune of $75 Million. What could they have done to actually help Public Health with that kind of money?

Ah, but of course, it all makes a horrific kind of sense now. A not so subtle mask-off moment.

Image of document excerpt claiming that ecigs are undermining tax revenue

Then again, when reported they mention information like this:

Document excerpt clarifying CDPH position on tax revenue, ecigs and smoking

So this “campaign” that CADPH have embarked upon, was never actually about the health of the public that they are meant to serve but about the tax dollars they can get their grubby mitts on to spend on other “stuff”. Shocking isn’t it?

But, never fear. They started it. We’ll fucking finish it.

Thank you Mr Dorn for showing us the light at the end of this particularly disgusting tunnel.

So, to the California Department of Public Health. Your move.