Health Nuts or Nutty Health?

Why oh why are there no end of ‘experts’ claiming all sorts of utter bunkem when it comes to vaping? I’m reminded of the looney scientologist that on occasion goes on a rampage against us vapers. I’m not sure why these morons do this kind of thing, although I did notice that in the looney scientologists case he had just released a book. No I haven’t read it and I have no intentions to.

Todays muppet of choice is also releasing a book and for the last six hours, his timeline is filled with the most ridiculous anti-vaping stories he can find. I have no idea if these two are prime examples of the health industry or if they are just prime examples of complete and utter idiocy.

DrHealthNutSay hello to the latest in the line up of idiots that represent public health. Dr David Nico (PH. D.) is apparently a passionate advocate for health, eco, sustainability and author of the forthcoming book… blah blah blah.

True, he does look to be a lot younger than the kookey scientologist who claims to be in his fifties with the body and skin of an eighteen year old (bleargh). One thing is for sure, Dr HealthNut over here has got his dinky little fingers in quite a few pies. He founded Nicoventures in 2005 claiming “As a Healthpreneur, one of his premier passions is to reasearch, develop and promote the most innovative health and medical products and services to the public.” Hmmmm. Oh and the typo in research isn’t mine, it’s straight off the website. Oh dear. He’s also got his own site and I’ll be honest, it’s awful.

So why am I going to pick on Dr Fruitcake?

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Since about 1PM (UK time) he’s been sporadically tweeting links to every single piece of ill-informed, badly written scaremongering press. Not to mention his “opening video”:

Disgraceful isn’t it? More harmful my ass. You would think that as a “celebrity doctor” (although I’d never heard of him until today), he might actually want to get the facts right before making any kind of statement. I strongly doubt that he’s read or even noticed the list of studies available here, or even bothered to consult with actual experts.

Even more amusingly, he doesn’t actually cite any evidence. First up he refers to the CDPH declaring vaping a “health risk”, published by NBC. We all know exactly what the health risk in California is, and it isn’t vaping. Next up, Mr For Mal De Hyde. Utterly debunked and that was before Dr Farsalinos did his research. Two for two so far.

The CDC report, but not from a usual news source oh no, to suit this fruitloops online persona it’s come from The Fool. Pretty appropriate for such a moron. We already know the facts and figures, and how the CDC has completely fudged the information to suit their agenda.

Somehow with all his 481 twitter followers this utter cakehole probably isn’t that popular, at least on social media, but the fact that he’s regurgitated the thoroughly insane, utterly debunked and pure junk science is more amusement than a worry. What is a worry is his inability to listen, which does seem remarkably common in certain areas of public health.


Not to mention the sly, but not so subtle dig on astroturf:

COIIt is pretty clear that this “doctor” is more of a threat to health with his utter barminess. For some odd reason, this guy simply cannot string together a coherent argument, which is dangerously fascinating to see how crazy this nutjob gets.


I don’t get how lifestyle has the slightest effect on ritualistic habits such as smoking or drinking, as Tom succinctly points out yet the looney toon doesn’t seem to get it, nutritional support?! How on earth is what I’m eating and when going to have any effect?

Bah, mental note to self…