Not So Colourful Packaging

Not So Colourful Packaging

It seems that it is OK for public health to put tobacco and kids in the same place whilst beating the ever tiresome drum of think of the cheeeldren!

Honestly, it’s getting more than a little fucking annoying now.

I am of course referring to TobaccoFreeCA. Again. Wholly sponsored by CDPH. Vociferous anti-smoker, anti-nicotine, anti-tobacco, anti-person group of … I was going to use people but no sane person would ever condone the tactics being used by these assholes.

TFCA have put up a video on their Facebook page. I’m not going to link it as it is worse than disgraceful. Worse the immoral.

Over the top of this charming heinous video is a voice over. I cringed on every single word.

We showed these kids some items from a nearby store.

So TFCA went out and gathered up a whole host of tobacco and tobacco related products (which would of course include e-cigarettes as they are tobacco products according to these utter wackos). They then pile them up on a table, and let kids have a poke around.


But they didn’t know they were all tobacco products

I don’t suppose TFCA or CDPH received any kind of parental permission to have peoples kids do this ? They’d have to I suppose, there are rules for involving kids in videos. Wonder if they told the parents that their little darlings would be playing with tobacco products?

Oh by the way, I keep fucking saying it but e-cigarettes are NOT tobacco products. How many fucking times?!

Of course, the kids reactions are kind of what you’d expect, but I do wonder exactly how much of that was actually scripted, or whether the kids were told what to pick up and say:

This is cool
Smells like gum.
Smells like strawberry
Are these mints?

Kids like colors and certain smells, we get this. We know this. Hell even adults like that stuff.

Hello kitty

Flavoured alcohol

Where’s the outrage for this ? There won’t ever be any will there? Of course not.

With colorful packaging and fruit and candy flavours that kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting?

Uh, did you see the HelloKitty pic? Fucking morons.


The video itself is bad enough, the comments (especially the replies) are just an extra layer of salt.


They may very well be on display but they can’t fucking buy them can they? There is, you know age restrictions for sales.


Ah but of course, Frampton’s pet muppet had to show his disdain didn’t he?


Last but not least:


There’s a fair number of very unhappy people commenting on this video. Unsurprisingly, TFCA didn’t deign to respond to those comments. I’m actually surprised they’ve been kept on there.


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