Upset about the TPD? You should be

It is kind of unusual for me to post anything this early in the day as I normally like to sit and think on what I’ve seen before actually writing anything. Today however, some antics on Twitter really upset me. I mean, close to tears upset.

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), specifically Article 20 is a God-awful piece of democratic bullshit. Don’t believe me? Read more about it here, here and here. I don’t need to, nor am I willing to go into any great detail about it.

*Update – I noticed that this post caused a little confusion, so I gave it a little uplift in the necessary place for clarification.

By now, you’ve probably read my story, if not do so now as it’ll fill in quite a few holes. I’ve been vaping since June 2014. Back then I had absolutely no fucking idea about the continual attacks on ecigs, nor the TPD. It was only the likes of the EFVI (initially), and some very outspoken ecig advocates (yes Jo, Em, Lorien, Clive, Fergus, Dave I’m looking to you) that made me realise just how totally fucked up it all is.

Twitter as a communications medium is great as you can get pretty much instant answers to almost any question (still waiting on the big answer though). It all started with this particular thread:

The current Deputy PM vapes. Good news. Ironic that the device he uses will no longer be allowed when the TPD (specifically Article 20) comes into effect next year. What has he (or his party) actually done to help? Basically, absolutely fucking nothing. The only thing that’ll be allowed are the horrible 1st generation cig-a-likes.

Everything you see there, will be gone. Not allowed. Banned. Finished.  Anything over 2ml that isn’t leak-proof (totally impossible), tamper proof with a leak free filling mechanism, gone.  E-Liquids can’t come in bottles bigger than 10ml, must have warnings, child proof caps (fine with the caps, it’s sensible, probably the only sensible thing).  Regulated, measured doses of Nicotine per puff (come on, really?!).  Effectively, anything currently available from online retailers or from brick and mortar stores will be illegal.  It’s devices such as those that helped me when I needed it most. How many others like me who are looking for a way out will be denied?


This touched me. 80 years old, and has now just quit smoking using ecigs. Come the TPD, that won’t be at all possible as for most, cig-a-likes just do not work.

Our MPs and MEPs have failed us at every turn. There is so much wrong with the TPD that it wouldn’t at all surprise me if it was actually written on the back of a cigarette packet!

There is some hope. The New Nicotine Alliance now a registered charity and is working towards the inclusion of vaping as a harm reduction strategy amongst other items. Go, give them your support.

Totally Wicked issued a legal challenge to Article 20 of the TPD. They too need support.

Absolutely every vaper needs to be aware of this threat. That includes vendors. If a vendor doesn’t support either the NNA (or any of the other organisations) or the TW challenge, then frankly get out of the business. We need a concerted effort to fight this at every available opportunity.

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  1. the Eurozone Welfare And Nanny State Corporation getting out of hand? It’s a self-inflicted problem. Only you can fix it.

  2. I am 57 years old. Like you, I remember a time when people when they got upset took to the streets. I have been to so many Vape lounges here in the states and I must admit to dismay over the apathy I found concerning Vapers rights. Oh, they will bitch and moan , then Tweet. And that is IT! No matter how I try to get young people to be concerned about their Rights they seem not to care. Why can they not Understand that if They do not get on the ball and Stand Up and be Counted that what They Care about will be Taken Away. Maybe this generation has always gotten what they wanted that they expect someone else to take care of it for them. But I know that some young people are still passionate about this. They need to talk to their peers and light a fire under them. No one wants to listen to an old granny like me.

    1. It is truly shocking just how discouraged many vapers actually are. There’s so many things that everyone can do, not just getting in front of MPs/Senators. Making sure your local vendor is up to speed on upcoming legislations, making sure they support the relevant organisations.

      Pretty sure that everyone can do something rather than just admiring the new mod they’ve just bought, or trying to get free juices to “review”. If online is all you can do (such as commenting on articles and engaging with other users that way) then it’s all part of the ongoing fight.

      To my mind, age has nothing to do with it at all. I’d probably say that folk will probably listen to an older person than a younger one, which puts me at a slight disadvantage 😉

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