Statistical sleight of hand

Another day and yet another “study” that has been totally skewed to the rafters in order to push a regulatory agenda. It really can be depressing, what makes it even worse is when organisations that state “Our vision is to eliminate the use of nicotine and tobacco products by youth and young adults.” get it so badly wrong. You could be forgiven for thinking that the stats were only slightly misinterpreted, but no. These wonderful folks deliberately co-joined two completely different sets of statistics to get the results they were looking for. (more…)

Past, present or future?

There is a heck of a lot of things rattling around in my head regarding the ongoing saga in the media about vapour products/e-cigarettes, whatever you wish to call them. Having recently reached a pretty handy milestone in being off combustible tobacco for a year, I’ve had a look back over the general thread of my vaping life and my participation in activism and advocacy, and I’m trying to understand a few things. Maybe this post will give my brain the help it needs. The question is, where to begin? (more…)

Community Service

Community Service

It’s odd isn’t it?  A global online community of vapers numbering in the thousands, nay millions. One huge, dysfunctional family.

So why is it that when the community is needed, only a few hundred step up?

At last count, 1,373 signatures on the campaign started by the Welsh Liberal Democrats. This is not a campaign to raise funds for research, it is a campaign to let those with more power than sense know how very wrong they are. Yet only 1,373 seem to care enough to sign it.

As with anything related to vaping advocacy, the numbers fall desperately short. As members of the huge #vapefam there should be at least three times that number of signatures. It takes seconds to complete. After all, the introduction should tell you all you need to know:

Makes perfect sense to me

Makes perfect sense to me


If you care about keeping vaping as it is you’ll sign every single petition you can find that are against any ban or tax proposal. Less than sixty seconds of your time could push this debate beyond the tipping point to stop the ridiculousness of this ban.

Stop Welsh Labour’s e-cig ban