Public Health’s Useful Idiot

“Big Vape is copying Big Tobacco’s playbook” says Liza Gross in her recent article on The Verge. This isn’t the first time, nor I suspect will it be the last time, that a media outlet tries to conjure up images of a faceless, and evil industry by conflating the tobacco and vaping industries.

Even if a representative of the vaping industry is interviewed (which is rare), the journalistic hack tries to subtly (or not so subtle in some cases) taint the piece with the usual “shill” claims.

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Positive media, little coverage

Most of you will remember the post Misinformation vs Information I put up a less than a week ago.  That post led to Thud!.  Both of those posts originated from a questionable article in Vox.

Of course, the author of that article immediately came under fire from many within the vaping community.  However, there is some (relatively) good news.  The author, Julia Belluz has taken some time to speak to one of us vapers and put out an opposing view. Continue reading “Positive media, little coverage”