Martin Scriblerus

There’s been a number of changes around these pages recently. Some of them long overdue (I can never find the time to really sit down and tidy up around here), and some of them were… well just because I felt like it.

Recently, my good friend and expert blogger Dick Puddlecote considered these pages worthy enough to be nominated for Martin Scriblerus – a group of truly excellent bloggers that all share a similar vein of written excellence.

Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me. Well not quite. Ya see, when I received the message from DP that he’d nominated me for inclusion in this, I immediately scarpered off to have a look at the other names on said list. Some you’ll recognise (DP being one obviously), and some my readers probably won’t. But I had a read, and I thoroughly enjoyed every single word. So I accepted DP’s nomination, and subsequently I ended up being invited to join the merry band of Martin Scriblerus – which I was delighted to accept.

the character of Martinus Scriblerus was originally conceived as a focus for the club’s satire against current trends in culture and scholarship

Well quite. What it means in reality (as mentioned here) is really rather simple:

  1. The blog is alive and kicking, or at least gives the impression that it is
  2. It’s varied, not just a single issue rants page (which funnily enough is exactly how this blog started)
  3. Political leanings don’t matter, only the quality does
  4. It’s been around a while (think it is safe to say my blog is the youngest of this group)
  5. The blogger can string more than two words together in a roughly articulate manner

Well, as to points 1 & 2, I do post fairly frequently; albeit far less frequently than I used to – it’s that time thing again, never seem to have enough of it, I keep asking for Centauri Time – 36 hour days – but so far my requests go unheeded.

I definitely stay away from politics as much as I can, though I dare say some of my keen-eyed readers will notice some of my leanings.

Just for kicks, I checked the date of my first ever post – 19/10/2014 (don’t look, it’s a terrible post) – and to think that almost two years on I’m still here. That is thanks to you lot, my loyal readers.

As for point 5, has anyone actually read my stuff?

I started this blog all that time ago as place to vent my spleen about the TPD – given that at the time I was a new switcher into the world of vaping and thoroughly disillusioned with what was coming. Now, it’s far more than that. People actually listen to what I say on here – fancy that!

Frank Davis sums up what this means quite nicely:

I think that to the extent they’re real people, who are saying what they think (rather than what they think they ought to think), such bloggers are more influential than paid columnists in newspapers – a bit like the comments under a blog are also frequently more real and informative than the blog itself.

Not much else will change around here, I’ll keep banging on about freedom of choice, smoking/vaping bans, utterly shit science, maybe I’ll stray into other areas – who knows?

It’s been a fun ride so far, I envisage more shenanigans on the horizon.

Thanks Puddlecote, what have you gotten me into now?