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A Case of “Told You So”

In a truly mind-bendingly terrifying moment, one of the key arguments used – particularly in the US – by the opponents of vaping has been gloriously ripped asunder. That argument is of course that The Children™ will use them and become “addicted” to nicotine. The thing is, there is a substantial portion of teens that vape without nicotine a statistic that is overlooked by the US tobacco controllers. You can imagine the shock and horror on their faces when they read that part of this study.

There is a lovely ongoing survey which began in 1975 and is maintained by the University of Michigan. The Monitoring The Future (MTF) survey has many purposes, among them is to study changes in beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of young people in the United States.


Should e-cigarettes be regulated?

We had some forewarning of this dropping in the Medical Journal of Australia and frankly I wasn’t at all surprised by the authors of the opinion piece. Rest assured it is an opinion piece there is zero new evidence being bought forward. You could almost call it a review, if you are feeling incredibly generous. But I’m long past feeling generous to the three authors. We all know who they are. The three biggest dunderheaded buffoons that claim to be “experts” in the field.


The CDC and Cohorts bend the truth. Again.

It isn’t particularly uncommon for government agencies to bend the truth. What is thoroughly disingenuous is how they decide to bend the truth. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed a bit of a trend. Wherever the use of e-cigarettes is prevalent, the overall combustible use declines. It is kind of hard to see how one equals the other, but that is exactly what the CDC have done. (more…)

Huff & Puff

So there’s a new quack in town that has decided to jump on the anti-vaping bandwagon. Is this quack a respiratory physician? A specialist in the deep, dark and mysterious ways of the lung and airway? A specialist in the effects of cancer or other diseases that have been linked with smoking?

No. Margaret Cuomo (MD) is a radiologist. She specialises in diagnostic radiology. She has published a book – “A World without Cancer” – which (according to Amazon) is fairly popular. I haven’t read it, based on her latest stunt for Huff Post Wise it’s likely to be filled with inane, non-evidence based drivel. But what do you expect? The eldest daughter of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and former NY First Lady Matilda. The sister of Governor Andrew Cuomo and CNN’s Chris Cuomo seems to give her the idea that she can say anything she damn well likes.


Pet Journalism

The thing with journalists is they tend to get friendly with regular sources of information. The “go-to” folks for soundbites and information, no matter how bizarre that information is. The flip side of that, is when they are ‘confronted’ by opposing views the immediately adopt the “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” stance by retreating past la-la land up to cloud cuckoo. (more…)

Fudging statistics, tobacco control style

There is a whole secondary approach being deployed by those in various sockpuppet tobacco control charities across the pond with our dear American friends, all intent on reducing tobacco prevalence and protecting youth. Their grandiose plan is to *ahem* raise the legal age of sale from 18 to 21. That’s it. They completely ignore the fact that there are age restrictions already in place, albeit terribly enforced by the local authorities (as is the case everywhere else).

This is typically a case of “got to be seen to be doing something” about the use of tobacco amongst American U18s, without actually doing anything to correct the actual problem which is one of enforcement. So why the buzzy bee in their collective bonnets about raising the age of sale to 21 instead of 18? An internet survey where just over 4,200 U18’s completed a simple questionnaire which has magically become the phrase “x percent of Americans” or “x percent of smokers” all based on a pretty pathetic, small-scale survey which doesn’t even represent a tiny proportion of the US population (which was, as of 2014 approximately 320 Million). (more…)