Guest Post: Welsh Local Health Board Continues to Demonize Smokers and Vapers Alike

The following post is from Rhydian Mann, these are his thoughts on the “Red Button” debacle.

It has been 2 weeks since a West Wales health board called Hywel Dda implemented what I can only describe as one of the most extreme forms of ridiculous “Tobacco Control” measures in the history of looking after the health of people in Wales. For those who want the background, please check out this trumpet blowing.

*deep breath*

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E-Cigarettes: A Time Bomb? Really?

First, let me be absolutely, 110% crystal bloody clear. I do not care which method of cessation you choose. I do not care if you are smoke free through one method or another. I do not care if you smoke. I do not care if you vape. Whatever choice you make is yours and yours alone.

I vape, and I do encourage others to do so if I feel they want to. I do not preach.

Right, now that’s out-of-the-way, even though I needn’t really have made those statements, on with the post.

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Engaging the Professionals

Back in August I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Nicky from the Harrow Stop Smoking Service to talk about all things vaping. Talking about the devices, reasons for using them, differences, experiences and all that. It was a really good positive meeting and could quite easily have gone on for far longer than the time allotted.

The recent event was a heavily condensed version of that meeting with a guest speaker, Jessica Harding and myself. It was publicised as a ‘Stop Smoking Service Annual Update Meeting’ which would include the latest information on vaping, with an emphasis on the PHE Review. This post will include commentary from Jessica (in blue) along with both our thoughts and impressions on the event and those who attended. Continue reading “Engaging the Professionals”

October: Is it “Stoptober”, “Swaptober”, “Neither” or “Both”?

This is going to be a first. Normally, my posts (with one exception so far) are written entirely by me and me alone. They reflect my thoughts, feelings and opinions on the variety of subjects, points of view and “science” surrounding the topic of vaping. This time, I’ve enlisted the aid of a few other advocates and vapers to help me compile this post, as I feel this is actually a pretty big topic for just one person to cover. So, without any further ado let’s get started with commentary kindly provided with permission from Lorien, Shannon, and Fergus. The views provided by the guest commentators are their individual views and do not necessarily reflect the views of any affiliated organisations.

On with the post.

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New PHE review, divisive media reports

Late last night various tweets were being posted by the media with previews of today’s papers front pages from i, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror and The Times. All four were based on an impending publication from Public Health England (PHE), but as is the norm for the media, the headlines didn’t actually reflect the contents of the publication.

I’ll admit to being a little wary of today’s news based on those previews alone, despite assurances from Lorien Jollye that the report from PHE was actually a very very good thing. As with anything related to vaping and smoking I’m very cynical and the preview headlines all had a common theme which sadly led me to believe the wrong thing. Continue reading “New PHE review, divisive media reports”

Leading academics would love you to keep smoking

It is very rare for me to post something whilst I’m still incredibly angry after reading an article. But in this case, I’m going to make a bloody big exception.

For a while now the anti-vapor organisations have been setting a pretty dismal standard in their attempts to either discredit vapers or the vapor market. It seems that there is nothing they won’t do, no low they won’t stoop to.

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A day at the races beats a Day at the Capitol

Just for once, I would dearly love to see a non-profit organisation that actually has some kind of moral standard.  The simple fact is, I seriously doubt that any non-profit in the field of anti-tobacco has any kind of morals. At all.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m all for a non-profit organisation to actually raise awareness of issues, conduct research, educate the masses and so forth, but there has to be some moral and ethical standard. Continue reading “A day at the races beats a Day at the Capitol”

IE Ireland

Last week, the Irish Cancer Society released an article under their ‘News’ section detailing some ‘alarming’ findings about who uses electronic cigarettes. After reading this article two or three times, I noted a few items that were a little odd. So I sent them a pretty lengthy e-mail and waited, not expecting a response. Continue reading “IE Ireland”