To Vape or Not to Vape?

That is most definitely the question of the moment.

With the recent secret squirrel meeting of WHO in Russia (of all places) there has been a lot of talk in the media recently about bans.  Specifically, banning the use or cigarettes (including e-cigs) in Parks, Coffee Shops and of course TfL have decided to sneak in their own vaping ban.

Now, I’ve been stewing on these for a while waiting for any further fallout or other commentaries.

Turning to social media, questions have been asked time and time again about the “right” to vape in public places and of course as with any public discussion there is a multitude of opinions on this matter.  The underlying response that I saw from many was that they don’t want bans.  Fair point, I sure don’t want vaping to be banned either, but the burden is on the vaper to prove to the general populace that vaping isn’t scary, that it isn’t going to hurt them or their children.  Neither is it going to “re-normalise” smoking.

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Myth & Magic : The Eternal Debate

I’m going to begin this one by posting up a few tweets from various users.


If you like, the article this one refers to is here feel free to have a read, I’ll wait 🙂


Just so you know, Antoine Flahault is a respected Professor in Biostatistics and neither smokes or vapes, but is heavily vested in the truth.

I’m going to gloss over the tweets regarding Philly, because that little story is about money which is a whole different rant for another day 😉

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