It’s All Broken

Things got broke

You know, just once I’d like something to work. I spent a lot of time planning the migration of this site from to self-hosted. I mean, a lot. Many days and nights of head scratching (splinters included), poking around under the hood, figuring out why this or that didn’t behave.

Then came the testing. Would it actually work? Well, all the dry-runs and simulations counted for diddly squat. I still ended up with broken images.


Moving Home

Moving Home

After almost two years of this blog laying dormant in the digital world – gathering lots, and lots of dust and, of course, draining my bank balance – I figured it was time it was moved.

Don’t get me wrong, where this humble site was hosted ( if you wanted to know) was absolutely fine. I had no complaints about the hosting. It’s just that, with times getting tougher (for everyone), I couldn’t justify the cost any longer.

So, I upped my digital sticks and self-hosted. After all, I couldn’t let this blog be deleted now.

Could I?

And because it has been so long, everything in the backend has changed so there’s going to be broken links and other funny business for a while. Plus, getting used to the new-fangled post editor.


Image credit: Photo by SHVETS production