Open Letter to Ruth Malone

Open Letter to Ruth Malone

It’s rare I have a guest blog but in this case, it’s worth it. Below is an open letter to Ruth Malone, Editor of the Tobacco Control Journal from Shannon.

Dearest Nurse Malone,

The majority of vapers on Twitter are *very* upset with you. Again.

If you think this is getting old, you’re right. But it’s not our fault, ya see. And this is where it gets awkward, because you simply refuse to see it. Which, in your obscene and insane editorial, you admitted by establishing “a policy that editors will not respond to external blog posts or social media messages about specific studies.”

Well, Ruth, let me tell you some things you don’t know about me because you don’t engage with us:

I went to uni for a grand total of three months. I don’t have an RN or MD or anything fancy after my name like you and your buddies do. As a result, there are many studies that I can’t say anything about (in an official capacity, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong). In your eyes, I’m “not qualified enough” to have an opinion about, well, anything.

And that’s where you and your buddies get it so very wrong.

Ya see, “public health” means “the health of the public.” The plebs. The people you are shutting out by refusing to engage with via the modes that are readily available to us (e.g., Twitter and our personal blogs). We deserve the opportunity to be heard, because it’s *our* lives you are toying with like a kitten high on catnip, chasing a mouse up and down a winding staircase.

Yes, you’ve opened the “rapid responses” for us. But all that will do is put us on a platform for personal abuse that we won’t be able to defend ourselves from. And don’t for one second pretend that won’t happen, because we’ve all seen it happen before. And, there’s not even a guarantee the “rapid responses” will be published…so why should we even try?

You and your ilk have decided that ecigs, buttered toast, sugar, bacon, alcohol, browned potatoes, loud music, and sitting for too long are bad for us. (Have I forgotten anything?)

Well, we don’t give a shit.

We don’t give a flying shit what you think is bad for us, because you’re not us. You sit in your gilded tower and preach about how marvellous life will be once “Big Tobacco” and “Big Sugar” have been eliminated.

I think you’ll find, Ruth, that you will be eliminated first.

I hope you know how to say “would you like fries with that?” Because my answer will be “yes, and make sure they’re extra crispy.”


And then I’m gonna blow a cloud in your face.