A Billion Lives in the UK

A Billion Lives in the UK

If there’s one thing to learn about folk, it’s that folk like things to be easy. But if something is easy, how do you learn? Where’s the sense of accomplishment?

Let me just remind you of something that someone I respect has said:

I’m struck by the low level of support from some in the UK as well, considering there are five British people featured in the movie (same as the US).

I am of course talking about Aaron Biebert. The very same Aaron Biebert that spared a few minutes of his precious time to answer a few questions back in July.

Considering that there has been so much attention garnered on the film A Billion Lives - so much so that it has gathered a number of accolades, including Best International Documentary, it has been disappointing to see the lack of interest in the UK.


Remember, A Billion Lives has been shown in New Zealand, Australia, Poland, France, America and Africa. So why not the UK, the place that has the most liberal approach to vaping?

Well, if you’ve been keeping up to date with the A Billion Lives e-mails, you’ll know there is an easy way for a showing to be had in a cinema near you - Demand.film.

A quick check shows that seven showings are now available for tickets in Preston, Manchester, Glasgow, Tamworth, Worcester, Lincoln, Greenwich and Hatfield.

With demand.film, they organise the screening all we need to do is guarantee a minimum number of tickets to confirm it. A minimum of 61 tickets per screening is required to confirm a showing of A Billion Lives at each of these seven locations around the UK.

If you don’t want to see it, maybe you know someone who does. Maybe you want to fire an e-mail to your MP so they can see it.

Remember, this film isn’t meant for us specifically. It’s for those that may switch in the future. The smokers. The policy makers. The general public.

Remember this comment ?

Can you imagine 45 million people standing up and speaking with one united voice?

That is the only way the well-funded pro-smoking propaganda gets stopped.

The UK now has seven chances to get this film seen.

Don’t waste it.

(Image credit Attention Era Media)