More Evidence that ANTZ are Grasping Straws

Once again, there is a headline sweeping the UK media channels – both print and radio – that is not only misleading, but is also downright dangerous. Many of the UK papers have led with the headline “Vaping is as bad as SMOKING”, which regular readers of this blog will know is simply not true. Vaping may indeed not be entirely risk free, but there are very few things (if any) in this world that are risk free. I suppose you could say, the greater the pleasure the greater the risk – but that doesn’t apply to vaping, it’s always been the odd one out really.

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A Case of “Told You So”

In a truly mind-bendingly terrifying moment, one of the key arguments used – particularly in the US – by the opponents of vaping has been gloriously ripped asunder. That argument is of course that The Children™ will use them and become “addicted” to nicotine. The thing is, there is a substantial portion of teens that vape without nicotine a statistic that is overlooked by the US tobacco controllers. You can imagine the shock and horror on their faces when they read that part of this study.

There is a lovely ongoing survey which began in 1975 and is maintained by the University of Michigan. The Monitoring The Future (MTF) survey has many purposes, among them is to study changes in beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of young people in the United States.

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New Insanity in Tobacco Control

Every once in a while there is such utter ridiculousness that I simply cannot help but laugh. See, this is one of many reasons why I (like Dick Puddlecote) love ecigs. They have managed to throw the entire tobacco control industry into such frothing madness it is pure comedy. These budding researchers – seeking to make a name for themselves within the tobacco control industry – are analysing everything to do with ecigs in a bid to make the mantra “ecigs are bad mmmkay” more legitimate. As in, let’s make the ridiculous stance of the FDA, Australia and the EU the right one by doing untold amounts of utterly pointless trash that will later get cited by more ridiculous trash to make these nasty horrible ecigs go away. Continue reading “New Insanity in Tobacco Control”

EU Trolling Us?

The hypocrisy is rife within the EU (not such a great shock it has to be said), but it is such a glaring “we don’t know what the fuck we are doing” type that I simply couldn’t resist putting finger to key. Ya see, as any business knows, distance selling is one of many keys to success. More often than not, products and services are sold to other territories. This takes distance selling to a different pot. Cross-border. Businesses aren’t just having to apply local laws and so forth, once their product crosses an international border, it has to comply with the destination laws too.

This is one of those times when, fundamentally the Single Market™ is a benefit. That is, the Single Market without all the political rubbish that goes with it. The vast majority of EU diktat has in it somewhere “to harmonise the operation of the internal market” – I’d go as far as saying that they all do. After all, the Single Market (for all its flaws) is in fact a useful benefit to the EU in general – it does not outweigh the negatives associated with the Commission, Parliament or Council. Continue reading “EU Trolling Us?”

Flawed Science for Flawed Policy

I would say that this is a break from the norm, but I’d be lying. You see, as vapers, ex-smokers and current smokers (and even never smokers to some extent) we all know that the tobacco control science is little more than bits of paper trying to justify disproportionate restrictions, taxes and even bans on the things we enjoy doing.

I get it, some folk really don’t like us for our choices and they really don’t want us outside of their sphere of influential control. That’s really the reason for much of this pseudo-science. Those in power, seek power entirely for their own sake. They are not interested in the good of others, they are solely interested in power, pure power.

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Raking the Coals

It seems there is no end to the shenanigans that a certain double-barreled researcher can get up to, especially when the majority of said research is (at least in part) funded by payouts from the Master Settlement Agreement. Something that should at least be mentioned (if only in passing) in the “disclosure” section of the paper. But then, why should it be necessary when a large proportion of funding from the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health, and the US FDA Center for Tobacco Products is mentioned? Natch.
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Martin Scriblerus

There’s been a number of changes around these pages recently. Some of them long overdue (I can never find the time to really sit down and tidy up around here), and some of them were… well just because I felt like it.

Recently, my good friend and expert blogger Dick Puddlecote considered these pages worthy enough to be nominated for Martin Scriblerus – a group of truly excellent bloggers that all share a similar vein of written excellence.

Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me. Well not quite. Ya see, when I received the message from DP that he’d nominated me for inclusion in this, I immediately scarpered off to have a look at the other names on said list. Some you’ll recognise (DP being one obviously), and some my readers probably won’t. But I had a read, and I thoroughly enjoyed every single word. So I accepted DP’s nomination, and subsequently I ended up being invited to join the merry band of Martin Scriblerus – which I was delighted to accept.

the character of Martinus Scriblerus was originally conceived as a focus for the club’s satire against current trends in culture and scholarship

Well quite. What it means in reality (as mentioned here) is really rather simple:

  1. The blog is alive and kicking, or at least gives the impression that it is
  2. It’s varied, not just a single issue rants page (which funnily enough is exactly how this blog started)
  3. Political leanings don’t matter, only the quality does
  4. It’s been around a while (think it is safe to say my blog is the youngest of this group)
  5. The blogger can string more than two words together in a roughly articulate manner

Well, as to points 1 & 2, I do post fairly frequently; albeit far less frequently than I used to – it’s that time thing again, never seem to have enough of it, I keep asking for Centauri Time – 36 hour days – but so far my requests go unheeded.

I definitely stay away from politics as much as I can, though I dare say some of my keen-eyed readers will notice some of my leanings.

Just for kicks, I checked the date of my first ever post – 19/10/2014 (don’t look, it’s a terrible post) – and to think that almost two years on I’m still here. That is thanks to you lot, my loyal readers.

As for point 5, has anyone actually read my stuff?

I started this blog all that time ago as place to vent my spleen about the TPD – given that at the time I was a new switcher into the world of vaping and thoroughly disillusioned with what was coming. Now, it’s far more than that. People actually listen to what I say on here – fancy that!

Frank Davis sums up what this means quite nicely:

I think that to the extent they’re real people, who are saying what they think (rather than what they think they ought to think), such bloggers are more influential than paid columnists in newspapers – a bit like the comments under a blog are also frequently more real and informative than the blog itself.

Not much else will change around here, I’ll keep banging on about freedom of choice, smoking/vaping bans, utterly shit science, maybe I’ll stray into other areas – who knows?

It’s been a fun ride so far, I envisage more shenanigans on the horizon.

Thanks Puddlecote, what have you gotten me into now?

Smokefree Shenanigans (and a “Public Consultation”)

It never ceases to amaze me how ludicrous these anti-smoker folk are. Not simply content with banning smoking (and of course in some cases vaping too) indoors in bars, pubs and all the other fun places that we like to attend, now they’re taking aim at the great outdoors. Continue reading “Smokefree Shenanigans (and a “Public Consultation”)”

Let’s Talk About Youth

Thanks to Sarah Jakes, a short two-page document from ASH Scotland found its way into my twitter timeline. As you can probably tell from the title of this post, it’s all about youth and e-cigs. I had a read. I had another read. I had a third read. They also have a short blog post on the subject. I read that too. Then I read it again.

There isn’t really much to the document in itself, page one is primarily background stuff, while page two gets to the heart of the matter. Or at least tries to. It is a masterclass in fence-sitting. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Youth”