The Deep Troubles of Hypocrisy

The Deep Troubles of Hypocrisy

Saturday night was a night of glitz, glamour and awards. It also sparked a lot of media attention. Not for who won awards particularly, although there was some coverage on that, but for seemingly everyone’s favourite celebrity vaper. Leonardo DiCaprio. This in itself isn’t the root of the hypocrisy, oh no.

That all comes in the media backlash towards Mr DiCaprio and his ‘deeply troubling’ lifestyle choice.

Apparently a few folks over at the American Lung Ass’n are a bit miffed at the idea of a high-profile celeb not smoking.

Tweet from American Lung Association

According to the doctors, the pens are pretty much unregulated and could be harmful to the user and those around him

Oh of course, it’s all about that mythical creature known as Secondhand Smoke. Or any one of the numerous propagandist lies that the ALA have cooked up. Don’t forget of course that the ALA are not the shining knights they make themselves out to be. But the hilarity ensued when popular glamour and lifestyle e-mags such as E! and Vogue picked up the story. We’ve all seen some, shall we say “interesting” comments on anything even vaguely related to smoking or vaping haven’t we, but I think we have ourselves a winner:

Random facebook comment

That cute little gem originated from this article, where the author claims :

“The Revenant” star literally lit up the SAG Awards.

Unless I’ve forgotten to take my dried frog pills today I would guess that it’s darn near impossible to “light up” a vapour product (ignoring cell failures of course) so where on earth did the author come up with that idea?

Article excerpt

Oh right. So Mr DiCaprio’s “love affair” with his not-smoking vapour product isn’t doing his lungs any favours and he should “put down the vape”.

Beggars belief doesn’t it, here we have one of the most prominent celebs casually not smoking and he’s getting all sorts of undeserved ire from it. True, there is the etiquette dilemma but come on, let’s face it. Leo isn’t exactly tooting on a Uwell Crown on an RX200 and fogging the entire room out, so give the man some peace for crying out loud.

Which brings me to my next point. His choice of device. I did spot on my virtual wanderings on social media that his choice of device was cause for some merriment. The fact of the matter is, Leonardo DiCaprio is not smoking. That is the whole damn point of these products. To give folks an alternative to a product that is linked to some pretty nasty things, who gives a flying rat’s ass if he’s using an eGo Spinner, an MVP or a custom-built mod? If a smoker wants to switch to a vapour product, and his (or her) choice of product isn’t one you agree with, get over it, it’s an individual choice.

All I’ll say now is bravo Mr DiCaprio, you’ve exposed the fact that vaping is not only a viable alternative to smoking, but you actually made it look cool, though I doubt I could put it quite as succinctly as Shannon*Sparkles: