In the interest of conflict

There’s been a lot going around in the media lately about conflict of interest with regards to research into vapourisers.  The biggest mud-slinging has of course been from The Lancet about the PHE Report. Of course, the trouble with the public health industry and science is this. There will always be a conflict of interest. These conflicts range from pure ideological views (Nanny McPhee et al), to funding conflicts. Sometimes the COI is subtle and sometimes not.

The one that gets me is when some researchers accuse others in the same field of COI, except the study that the claim COI on didn’t actually have any conflict. If there is any one field where cries of “conflict, conflict” are heard most often, is in the realms of public health and specifically tobacco control. We’ve all seen it in print, either in The Lancet deluded rag or in mainstream red-tops. (more…)

Tanks for the thoughts…

Tanks, tanks everywhere…

There is a saying on Twitter, “If you can’t debate in 140 characters or less, you’ve lost the argument”. Sometimes this could be true, but in others the character limit is incredibly limiting, even with character substitutions and abbreviations it is incredibly difficult to get your point across on a complex subject.

This is one of the reasons I have a blog, so I can take my time and be as wordy as I like to explain things. (more…)

Mad Stan clutching at straws (again)

Today Sara Kalkhoran and I published “Modeling the Health Effects of Expanding e-Cigarette Sales in the United States and United Kingdom” is the beginning of one of Frampton’s latest blogs. It is always amusing (if a little difficult to digest his grasp of the English language) to read these as most of the time (95% CI) it’s all based on mythical hypothesis and conjecture, none of which surprises me when it comes to the “leading tobacco control activist”.

It becomes more amusing when he says things like “excellent accompanying commentary” and “excellent studies” when in fact reading the ‘commentary’ and ‘studies’ they are anything but. (more…)