Fudging statistics, tobacco control style

There is a whole secondary approach being deployed by those in various sockpuppet tobacco control charities across the pond with our dear American friends, all intent on reducing tobacco prevalence and protecting youth. Their grandiose plan is to *ahem* raise the legal age of sale from 18 to 21. That’s it. They completely ignore the fact that there are age restrictions already in place, albeit terribly enforced by the local authorities (as is the case everywhere else).

This is typically a case of “got to be seen to be doing something” about the use of tobacco amongst American U18s, without actually doing anything to correct the actual problem which is one of enforcement. So why the buzzy bee in their collective bonnets about raising the age of sale to 21 instead of 18? An internet survey where just over 4,200 U18’s completed a simple questionnaire which has magically become the phrase “x percent of Americans” or “x percent of smokers” all based on a pretty pathetic, small-scale survey which doesn’t even represent a tiny proportion of the US population (which was, as of 2014 approximately 320 Million). Continue reading “Fudging statistics, tobacco control style”

The fool factor, misleading statistics

Why is it that whenever we get media attention on vaping from anywhere in the world, a quick dive around into the “study” behind it generally doesn’t match up to the headlines? Or should it be, why on earth are media outlets and the journo hacks not asking the right questions whenever they get their grubby little mitts on a story? Continue reading “The fool factor, misleading statistics”

Stop smoking, think of the cheeeldren!

A common refrain from many in the tobacco control camp. They want you to stop smoking because, well kids. They also don’t want you to stop smoking by vaping because, well kids.

State funded fake charities aimed at “promoting the stop smoking message” are no different. Just recently ASH wanted the UK Government to force tobacco companies to pay a levy to “fund further tobacco control efforts” and we all know how that’s turned out in the US don’t we? Continue reading “Stop smoking, think of the cheeeldren!”

Bloody Meddling Association

Let’s face it, there’s a whole world of industries out there that run quite happily on its own without interference from any kind of trade union, and even if they had a union they still don’t have a huge amount of power or influence. With some exceptions, most notably the British Medical Association. Continue reading “Bloody Meddling Association”

Gleeful delusions of perception

In the grand scheme of things much is said about how giant monolithic entities control and distort everything even when those entities have absolutely nothing to do with the subject. If that is the case, why then do many “public health” faux charities insist on blaming “Big Tobacco” for every fopar they have ever made? Continue reading “Gleeful delusions of perception”

A trip to the NEC

To be honest I wasn’t going to write about my trip to Birmingham and the Vaper Expo, but having now had a chance to reflect and sleep on the occasion I’ve changed my mind. There are few things I want to go over, most of it good and some of it not so good, all my opinion of course! Continue reading “A trip to the NEC”

Research and Vaping Concerns, Valid or Not?

It has definitely been an interesting few days all said and done. A televised debate took place over the weekend on vaping which kicked off the usual shenanigans with many folks sending the usual tweets to the person on the negative side of the debate. Of course, this was aired on Fox which has a certain reputation for being a little unusual, to put it mildly.
Continue reading “Research and Vaping Concerns, Valid or Not?”

Statistical sleight of hand

Another day and yet another “study” that has been totally skewed to the rafters in order to push a regulatory agenda. It really can be depressing, what makes it even worse is when organisations that state “Our vision is to eliminate the use of nicotine and tobacco products by youth and young adults.” get it so badly wrong. You could be forgiven for thinking that the stats were only slightly misinterpreted, but no. These wonderful folks deliberately co-joined two completely different sets of statistics to get the results they were looking for. Continue reading “Statistical sleight of hand”