Opinionated journalism

All of the posts on this blog contain an opinion, mostly my opinion which usually differs greatly from the article or study that I’m picking apart. This post is no different except in this case, my opinion likely differs from everybody elses’ opinion too.

Everybody has opinions them and I am thankful that many of you regularly stop by to read my opinions. Whether you take them to heart or not is entirely up to you. Continue reading “Opinionated journalism”

Now for something a bit different

I’ve been meaning to get out to and about for ages now, but I am naturally shy so big crowds are a bit of an issue. Thanks to bad timing I missed out on VapeJam last month, but I was going to make sure I went to at least one show on e-cigarettes this year.

When I heard about the E-Cigarette Expo (ECE) I thought to myself, why not? So I did. Continue reading “Now for something a bit different”

Reading research is actually a good thing

We all know that reading scientific research can actually be a bit of a bore, long phrases and technical jargon litters the vast majority of studies. Heck, they even have their own terminology; as if doing that makes the research they produce not for us mere mortals. Continue reading “Reading research is actually a good thing”

Royal Rumble: Big Vaping vs Big Tobacco vs Tobacco Control

Let me introduce the players for this rumble. In the angry red corner we have, British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco, Altria and Japan Tobacco International. The four major players on a global scale in the tobacco industry.

In the cowardly yellow corner we have, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), California Department of Public Health, Faculty of Public Health, Cancer Council Australia, American Lung Foundation, American Heart Foundation, Tobacco Free Kids, British Medical Association and so on. Far too many to list out here.

In the blue corner we have…um…. us. Continue reading “Royal Rumble: Big Vaping vs Big Tobacco vs Tobacco Control”

Listen tobacco, it just isn’t working so I’m leaving you…

First off, a tiny bit of background to my thinking here. We should all be aware of the complete insanity portrayed by the BMA in the media recently, where the enlightened representatives spoke with calm authority on e-cigarettes and how harmful they were. Now of course, I’m pretty clued up on the topic as well I should be, but what about those that are considering the switch to vaping? Continue reading “Listen tobacco, it just isn’t working so I’m leaving you…”

BMA, ARM, and alphabet soup

The next few days are going to be more than a little interesting. In case you weren’t aware, the BMA are holding their annual representatives meeting at the BT Convention Centre in Liverpool. Should we be worried ? Of course we should, the BMA aren’t exactly known for their openness or positivity to e-cigarettes. Continue reading “BMA, ARM, and alphabet soup”

Don’t worry, the nanny state will protect you

We all know how badly the state wants to control our lives, from deciding what we can and cannot eat to where we can and where we can’t light up a ciggie or vape.

Of course, they always make some ridiculous claim about it being for “public health” or to “protect the kiddies” as if saying that makes their state sponsored intervention into our private lives makes it alright. I got news for you, stay the hell out of my private life. It is mine to do with as I please and not the property of the State for you to control. Continue reading “Don’t worry, the nanny state will protect you”

The addictiveness of habit

Habit, dependence, addiction, compulsion, craving, fixation, ritual. Each one of these words has a similar underlying meaning and are often used to describe the continuing act of smoking or vaping, and by extension an “addiction”. But what does it mean exactly? Continue reading “The addictiveness of habit”

Past, present or future?

There is a heck of a lot of things rattling around in my head regarding the ongoing saga in the media about vapour products/e-cigarettes, whatever you wish to call them. Having recently reached a pretty handy milestone in being off combustible tobacco for a year, I’ve had a look back over the general thread of my vaping life and my participation in activism and advocacy, and I’m trying to understand a few things. Maybe this post will give my brain the help it needs. The question is, where to begin? Continue reading “Past, present or future?”

Health Nuts or Nutty Health?

Why oh why are there no end of ‘experts’ claiming all sorts of utter bunkem when it comes to vaping? I’m reminded of the looney scientologist that on occasion goes on a rampage against us vapers. I’m not sure why these morons do this kind of thing, although I did notice that in the looney scientologists case he had just released a book. No I haven’t read it and I have no intentions to.

Todays muppet of choice is also releasing a book and for the last six hours, his timeline is filled with the most ridiculous anti-vaping stories he can find. I have no idea if these two are prime examples of the health industry or if they are just prime examples of complete and utter idiocy. Continue reading “Health Nuts or Nutty Health?”