A Game of WHO Says…

WHO says, sit down. WHO says, stop smoking. WHO says, vaping is bad. Vaping is good.

They haven’t actually said the last one and that’s because they seem to think that vapour products are made from tobacco. Idiots. “We don’t know what’s in them” they cry. “It’s just another addiction”. Oh my word. (more…)

Vaping in the tobacco pigeon-hole

For some reason many elements of regulatory bodies and public health are determined to bundle electronic cigarettes up with tobacco rulings.  Of course, they claim it is all in the name of public health, denormalising smoking, protecting the children, or some other inane reason.

Most of those reasons are of course, founded in ideology rather than actual facts but they are determined to put vaping in the same pigeon-hole as tobacco and smoking. (more…)

The weird effects of public health

It seems that when there is a slow news day various entities resort to conjuring up the weirdest of headlines, almost to the point of actually making stuff up.

Although in this case the studies do actually exist and have come out of the American Thoracic Society conference, which is pretty unbalanced towards any and all negative attitudes towards personal vaporisers. (more…)