Positive media, little coverage

Most of you will remember the post Misinformation vs Information I put up a less than a week ago.  That post led to Thud!.  Both of those posts originated from a questionable article in Vox.

Of course, the author of that article immediately came under fire from many within the vaping community.  However, there is some (relatively) good news.  The author, Julia Belluz has taken some time to speak to one of us vapers and put out an opposing view. Continue reading “Positive media, little coverage”

Me, the public do declare

Let me start this post off with the following statement:

I do not work for, nor am I affiliated with either the Tobacco or Vaping Industries.  I am a semi-normal person that works a bog standard 9-5. I have opinions and feelings.

There, now that is well and truly out of the way, on with the post. Continue reading “Me, the public do declare”

Public Health and the Public

Oh myy. This is definitely a recurring theme recently isn’t it. First there was “stillblowingsmoke vs notblowingsmoke” then we had Vox spreading the same drivel. Wired picked up the story, as did many others. All in all, the public are reacting to what those in Public Health are trying to tell them, but not in the way you’d think. Continue reading “Public Health and the Public”

Hell hath no fury

When I’m not working (or supposed to be working that is), I spend a fair chunk of my time surfing around in cyberspace.  Not looking for anything in particular you know, just spending (alright wasting) time.  On this occasion I ended up reading an article from down under and it got me thinking, which is always a worrying thing to happen. Continue reading “Hell hath no fury”