How do you like your quit methods

Try as I might, I couldn’t ignore this subject tonight. Spurred on by the UK’s Faculty of Public Health (FPH). Just in case you didn’t know, our benevolent friends at FPH call themselves “the standard setting body for specialists in public health in the United Kingdom.” I read that as purely bureaucratic.

Oh, I forgot to mention they are a registered charity. Of course they are, why is it that only charities have anything to say these days? (more…)

Perceptive science

There has been a whole slew of reports in the media and on the various “Smoke Free” Twitter accounts recently all pertaining to the recent plain packs debacle. As you may know, Australia became the first to implement plain packs back in 2012. With that implementation, those rather pleasant insane folks over in Tobacco Control kept a very careful beady eye on the rate of smoking down under. (more…)


Just been playing a bit of catch up the last day or so to find a few little bits and pieces going on, both in the community and in the big wide world. There are some topics that I just won’t look at not because they don’t interest me, but because I have opinions that I wish to keep to myself. That’s the end of that.

There is actually two topics that I want to mull over in this post, with the first one being a resounding positive for the community as a whole. (more…)

Don’t trust me, I’m a doctor

I really wasn’t going to write this post today, but having seen some discussions on Twitter last night and again today, it did just send my blood boiling. Let’s have a look at what fired it all off.


Oh yes, keep taking a drug that has some seriously bad side effects never mind about the actual consequences because 1 in 2 will die anyway. Charming. (more…)

Confidence testing

There has been a lot of discussion in all kinds of places relating to e-cig use. Various celebrities vape, and are seemingly criticized in online media particularly in the article comments. We found out recently that Nick Clegg quit smoking by vaping. You would think that with such large A-list names such as Simon Cowell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Johnny Depp, and so on would help to inspire a whole new generation of current smokers to at least consider switching even if they don’t actually switch. (more…)