Sunday, March 15th

Otherwise known as Mothering Sunday. One day, every year we take extra special care of those that gave us life. It is often a day of pampering, letting our mums know just how much we love them.


This year is the first year that I’m not able to honour my own mum as I used to. I can’t wake her up in the morning with breakfast in bed and a cup of tea. I’m not able to give her a big hug and tell her how much she means to me.

It hurts. It hurts a lot.

Cancer Research UK has been posting a lot of tweets with the hashtag #MyMumAndMe. A lot of them brought me to tears, as some of them, like me they won’t be able to celebrate their mums. It got too much to bear, so I stopped following them, at least for now. I felt terrible for doing that, as they do some absolutely brilliant work. My own mum being the kind of organised person she was, she specified that when she passed away, donations were to be made to Cancer Research in lieu of flowers.

Her passing helped raise almost £500 for Cancer Research, which is just a small drop in a very big ocean for what is needed by CR UK. For that, I feel a little better but it can never fill the hole in my heart that was created now that she has gone.

As a typical glutton for punishment, I tracked down her all time favorite song, and somehow just listening to it I can hear her sing it, just as she used to. It is a little upsetting, but also a source of comfort.

For the mums out there, let your kids pamper and look after you. Tell them how much you love them.

For the kids out there, spoil your mum rotten. She deserves it and more. Tell her how much you love her, and how much she means to you.

For my own mum, where ever you may be. I miss you dearly, I hope you are happy where ever you may be.

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