Doctor doctor, give me the news

Seems like my plan of taking a few days out have gone awry with some olds.  There’s been an alarmist survey on teen e-cig use, covered in delightful depth by Clive Bates.  By the way, the study that the news articles refers to hadn’t actually been published yet at time of print.

The piece of olds I’ve been looking at has gone a little unnoticed.  All well and good, means I can write this in relative peace ;-) (more…)


Settle down folks this double posting isn’t going to become a regular thing.  Sometimes something happens in the world of vaping that just requires a second post.

By now you should have seen the debacle that is the article from Vox.  It is, to put none to fine a point on it, dire in the extreme.  Terribly one-sided, and all of it in favor of a particular US Researcher’s point of view.  I’ll be honest and state that I suspect the article may have been written by that researcher with only a few changes made by the author herself.  Call me cynical if you like. (more…)

Cleaning House – A Roundup Post

I do try to post fairly regularly in order to rid my addled brain of the flotsam that inevitably ends up in there. There has been a lot going on the last few days what with CDPH being completely useless. Expensively useless at that. Taking over from CDPH, the CDC are trying to do their own bit with a Twitter campaign.

How many times do we have to tell you folks, when trying to belittle ecigs on Twitter be prepared for one hell of a fight. Let me see, we had the SF “curbit”. Fail. CDPH and “stillblowingsmoke”. Big fail. Now we have “Tipstakeover”. EPIC FAIL. (more…)