7 Months On

June 11th 2014 – a date that I’ll remember for a long time.  This was the day that I stopped smoking traditional combustible cigarettes and made the switch to vaping.  I’d been dual using for about a week, effectively “training” myself to use the e-cig whenever I felt the craving for a smoke.

I used to smoke between 20 and 40 cigarettes a day, depending on my mood during the day.  It kind of came to a head when I managed to smoke 160 cigarettes over the course of two days – 4 packs per day.

I felt terrible, not to mention broke.  At £7.43 for a pack, equating to almost £60 for two days I decided enough was enough.  Smoking was too expensive, I didn’t decide to stop smoking because of the anti-smoking campaigns; if anything they made me want to smoke more (I can be a bit rebellious like that 😉 ).  There was a lot of stuff going on in my life where money was needed.

Since then, I’ve “saved” approximately £2,500.  I say “saved” as the majority of that went into other things that were desperately needed. One of the upsides of stopping smoking, is that I can now taste all the fun foods that I enjoy (yes I do like the sweet stuff to, so poke that where the sun doesn’t shine PH), not to mention I’m planning a week long get-away this year – something I’ve not really been able to do for a long time.

Having not smoked for 7 months, I decided to check the current costs of a pack of smokes.  My usual brand (Mayfair Superking) hasn’t changed much except £7.43 gets you 19 smokes instead of 20, but my alternative brand (Superking Black) is now £9.25 for a pack of 20.

It seems that the Tobacco Control folks intend to make cigarettes prohibitively expensive to force smokers to quit.  Throughout my smoking “life” I quite frankly didn’t care, I found the money to carry on doing what I enjoyed doing regardless of their campaigns to demonize and de-normalize the act of smoking.

Oddly enough, my first few attempts to “quit” with the aid of actual NRT ended up costing me more money then the act of smoking ever did.  Most Nicorette products are now about £10 or more, which is still more expensive then smoking, this more than any other reason was the reason I did not stop smoking using the “recommended options” – it was effectively cost prohibitive, and still is for most.

Having now spent approximately £200 (this is only a rough guesstimate) on actual e-cig hardware, the monthly costs are substantially lower – I generally spend about £20-30 per month on liquids, instead of the same amount per week.  Absolute no brainer from a financial stand point really.

My overall health is (to my own perception) far better than it ever was, I can do labour intensive tasks such as DIY without the need to take a break every 30 minutes so I’m much more productive.  I have much more energy then before, my sleep is still crap but there’s likely other explanations for that.

Everything I am now I owe a lot to e-cigs and vaping.