Site Warnings

As this is the Internet pretty much anything goes so there is bound to be some sites that are, either terrible for any number of reasons or are plain and simple sites to avoid like the plague. There does seem to be a theme running where small sites pop up with increasing frequency that are the ANTZ will use to trumpet various anti themes. Either they are “marketing to children”, claiming “health benefits” or other outright nonsense.

This page will be updated as regularly as possible so that vapers everywhere can be warned about possible issues with these sites.  If you do come across one that looks a bit suspect, use the form below and let me know!

A list of domains to be wary of

The domains listed in the screenshot all belong to the same individual.  Only three of the vaping related ones appear to be functional, but should still be avoided. None of them appear to be selling anything but could easily be picked up by the ANTZ and used against us.

The screenshots below are from sites that really should be avoided if at all possible. Common flaws consist of:

  • Complete rubbish “science”
  • Marketing tactics
  • Poor image choices
  • “Organic” e-juice flavors don’t contain chemicals like Propylene Glycol